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Advanced electrical engineering (1 day)

£1,250 per group

For individual pricing where available, please contact us.

This course is an interactive workshop that takes delegates on a quick recap of principles before using an array of worked examples to reinforce the principles behind electrical designs.

Subjects include:

  • Three phase theory; balancing and neutral loss
  • Power factor and its impact on generators
  • Load calculations
  • Basic voltage drop calculations and limitations of published data
  • Correction factors (e.g. grouping, sunlight, cable ramping) on cables and protective devices
  • Ensuring fault and overcurrents are sufficient for selected protective devices
  • Harmonics – where they come from, what effect they have and how to take them into account
  • More advance calculations taking into account harmonics and cable spacing for 5 wire sets
  • Effective earthing

The course uses clients’ own examples of projects where possible to help embed the principles. Candidates will need a copy of BS 7671 and a calculator. Other training materials provided by us as required.

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