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Electrical safety management workshop

Do you manufacture products or hire equipment? Or, are you and end-user or venue owner in the industry?

If so, this seminar and workshop will be indispensable in helping you understand your legal obligations of ensuring electrical safety in the workplace – whether that be the factory floor or a festival field.

As well as bringing you up to speed with the general legal requirements, the course also considers the impact of the latest changes to the 18th edition Wiring Regulations which came into force January 2019.

Why should I attend?

You’ll gain a solid understanding of the fundamental requirements of electrical safety management, where to get information to help develop internal policies and how to put them into practice in your own workplace within the events/entertainment industry.

What does the course cover?

  • An overview of electrical and related legislation, standards and guidance, in particular the IET guidance on electrical safety management
  • A series of table-top exercises to illustrate practical tools for the management of electrical safety, especially where multiple contractors are concerned
  • Guidance on electrical installation management, portable appliance testing requirements and temporary electrical systems
  • An overview of electrical qualifications and identifying skill and knowledge gaps in staff/contractors
  • Typical worked examples including an outdoor event, theatre with resident and touring shows, rental company hiring electrical equipment, and a manufacturing/workshop company making and/or repairing electrical equipment
  • The latest changes to the Wiring Regulations, focusing on the most pertinent changes which came into force in January 2019