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Technicians guide to electrical safety (1 day)

£1,250 per group

For individual pricing where available, please contact us.

The course is aimed at technicians working in events who use power as part of their work, but are not electricians, such as audio or video techs for example. Staff working in rental companies and venues would also find the course beneficial.

The object of this one-day course is to give technicians an understanding of electrical principles and safety requirements. It assumes little or no electrical knowledge as basic concepts are taught in order to help understanding of safety principles such as earthing and protection.

 Course synopsis

  • Basic electrical theory overview/recap: Ohms law and how current, voltage and resistance interact. (This is necessary to make sense of how protection works).
  • Electricity generation and the use of three- and single-phase supplies and the importance of phase balancing.
  • Some example basic calculations to enable an understanding of how to calculate required supplies based on power ratings of equipment.
  • An explanation of how earth is used for fault detection and protection.
  • The methods of protection from shock and overloads by using circuit breakers, MCBs and RCDs and the differing types.
  • Cable and connector types, cable management and selection – events, installations and containment.
  • ‘PAT testing’ overview and managing equipment racks.
  • Simple checks on assembled temporary systems.
  • An overview of electrical safety law and the requirements of BS 7671 and BS 7909.

There is no assessment with this course but there are practical demonstrations, so it is best undertaken in a performance venue or rental company where equipment is readily available.

All course delegates will be given a course handbook with the days content along with further useful information on other resources.

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